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    1983 Chrysler LeBaron "Woody" Convertible

    When we say "Ride the Woody" -- THIS is what we mean. Today we are selling a piece of the company history, the inspiration for the brand, our Woody - the (YEAR) Chrysler LeBaron Convertible. For a humble price of $1,000,000, you will have the opportunity to OWN and RIDE the Woody.

    For a car that sold over 2 million examples, the "wood"-sided Town and Country convertible variant was rare. Chrysler made only 1,105 of them and you'll feel like a celeb riding top down in this faux wood bad boy.
    Plus...IT TALKS! 

    Unveiled around the same time as the "Knight Rider" TV series, Chrysler created its own talking car with the Lebaron. Chrysler sourced the speech synthesizer technology from Texas Instruments, creators of the Speak & Spell, and equipped the cars with a deep masculine voice to alert the driver in various ways. The car politely asks you to fasten your seat belts and thanks you when you accomplish the task. Similar prompts are used to remind you to turn off your headlights, or when a door is ajar. It also monitors fluid levels and gives more stern warnings for low fuel and oil pressure.