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    Saltwater Woody Launch Press Release

    Saltwater Woody Launch Press Release

    Louisville Entrepreneurs Launch the World’s first American Rum cut to proof with saltwater and flavored with 100% Real Fruit Juice, selling hundreds of bottles in the first few weeks

    Louisville, KY/USA – August 1, 2020 –   Sailor Spirits, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of Saltwater Woody American Rum. The founders of Saltwater Woody spent the last couple of years working to create a unique, innovative and energetic craft American rum brand and just recently launched its first product, Saltwater Woody Real Grapefruit. 


    The product is simple, yet groundbreaking. No liquor has ever before been cut to proof with saltwater, but the science is sound. Salt acts to tamper bitterness bringing out sweeter flavors and also enhances aromatic properties in the drink. Throw in REAL fruit juice, and you have the greatest tasting flavored product on the market to bring to the beach. 


    Paul Heintzman (co-founder) and his team saw an opportunity to disrupt and re-energize the rum category and were tired of the usual flavored spirits on the market that were produced out of the country, vodka based, charcoal filtered clear, or made with artificial ingredients. “Why use vodka, which is a neutral spirit, to mix with fun and sweet flavors, when the American history and makeup of rum is BEGGING to be the base for the world’s most exciting drinks!” Heintzman said. 


    Kentucky is the first distribution destination for this delicious rum, but the rest of the world is already in their sights. Saltwater Woody is determined to bring summer and sunshine to a world that needs it most, and we hope you can be along for the ride.


    For more information about Saltwater Woody, shoot us an email, or check out our website


    And don’t forget to “Ride the Woody Responsibly”