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    What Happened to the Original?

    What Happened to the Original?

    Original Saltwater Woody

    If you've been out shopping for Saltwater Woody, you may have noticed our Original is not yet for sales. Is it because we're trying to keep it from the public? Are we trying to increase demand? Is absence making the heart grow fonder? IS IT EVEN REAL?!? Well, the real answer is a bit more interesting...

    Silver Rum

    What makes a great silver or white rum? Typically, when enjoying a white rum, it works best a mixer. Whether you're adding it to a strawberry daiquiri, a pina colada, or even a coke, this type of rum is the best mixer on the planet. And Saltwater Woody's Original is the best of them all. 

    So where the heck is it? Well, the answer is actually due to the fact that it's a mixer. We are creating a product that not only tastes great on the rocks, but also completely complements every drink to which it's added. That's not an easy task. 

    The salt in our Original makes all flavors explode. This is no exception to the original flavors in the white rum (notes of coconut, vanilla, sugar cane), which are highlighted when drinking it straight. The trick is making sure that when mixed with a cocktail, that the salt perfectly enhances the new flavors it is mixed with, while the rum flavors tend to disappear. It's no easy task. 

    We've spent months perfecting and honing our rum. We've done blind taste tests, and then more blind taste tests, and reformulated to get the most perfect rum of all time, but fortunately, all this hard work has gotten us to where we are today.

    Good News

    The good news is we've finally completed our rum. After many iterations and selecting the best recipe on the Earth, we are happy to say that we have created the world's best white rum. Saltwater Woody Original perfectly highlights anything it is mixed with, and the salt enhances both the aroma and the many sweet flavors that it is paired with. 

    We could not be more excited to share this with our fans. You can expect to see it on store shelves at the end of September, and we know you are going to love it!